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Our team is experienced in providing accounts preparation services to sole trades, partnerships, owner managed companies, larger organisations, charities, clubs and societies. These will be compiled in accordance with standard Accounting Principles, allowing integration with your tax returns to HMRC.

We can also prepare Management Accounts in conjunction with your VAT return, to allow you to view performance on a regular basis

Fee protection Insurance

With Income Tax, Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE and National Insurance all coming under the watchful eye of H M Revenue & Customs, the opportunities for you or your business to become the subject of an investigation are numerous. Once opened, an investigation can run for months, and can involve a significant amount of detailed working time, the fees for which can quickly mount up.

At A9, we therefore recommend that our clients take up the fee protection service we are able to offer. The annual cost of this insurance backed scheme is dependant on the size and nature of the business concerned, and is minimal when compared to the potential fees that it covers – not to mention the peace of mind it affords.

For further information, please contact info@a9partnership.co.uk